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Are you tired of break-ins and unwanted people entering your home or office?
If Yes, It is time to upgrade your home and office security. We have a variety of security padlocks that can be customised just for your particular requirements.

Our Range Of Padlocks Includes ABUS , Lockwood, Carbine:
The best security padlock is the ABUS range of padlocks, each with its padlock security rating for different methods of use. Padlocks can be

  • master keyed
  • keyed-alike
  • key differed

We are proud to be ABUS, Lockwood & Carbine padlock suppliers for the most part, as they provide the best standards in padlocks, offering the best of everything in the one lock.

The one and only ABUS High-Security Padlocks provide the highest security for many applications and use for combination padlocks, key safe padlocks with support for a gate latch, lockers, outdoor use, cabinets, security alarm padlocks, steel padlocks, commercial-grade padlocks, brass padlocks.

Abus Padlocks

In 1924 August Bremicker first started his own business in a small village in Germany, producing padlocks in his cellar. Today, with tireless efforts, innovative ideas and expertise Abus has grown into a globally recognised company and is a market leader in Home and Business security. At Fleet Locksmiths, we highly recommend ABUS Padlocks for their high quality, durability, and ease of application as a solution to your Padlock requirements.

The ABUS 83 range of Padlocks offer security and quality for all domestic, mobile and commercial applications. As qualified lock suppliers and installers, we ensure your padlocks are 100%.

Commercial Grade, Door Security Lock installation cost or fitting of door locks

For information on a Commercial Grade, Door Security Lock installation cost or fitting of door locks in general contact Fleet Locksmiths and we will be happy to assist you.

How much does it cost to have a Commercial Grade, Door Security Lock installed you are wondering?
Give us a call on 0405 544 922 or fill out an Enquiry on our contact page and we will answer your questions.

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