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Dorma door closers are an ideal choice for your medium to a heavy commercial application, whether in a public building or in your office or factory – the Dorma door closer is a convenient way of shutting doors safely and quietly.

On fire exit doors, doors must be self-closing to comply with current regulations. Door Closers are suitable for most door types and designs.

The benefits of having a self-closing door are that your doors will automatically close after someone has opened and entered the building. The benefits of this are to keep the weather outside and heating and cooling inside.

They are easy to use so someone carrying large items after opening the door doesn’t have to worry about closing the door behind him.

Protects the door from damage as the door is automatically closed slowly and softly.

A door closer adds to the fire safety as during a fire all windows and doors should be shut to prevent spreading.

Besides the usual installation of the Dorma door closers, we can also assist with:

As a door closer specialist, If you need to adjust the Dorma door closer because it isn’t entirely closing or not working the way it should. We can provide Dorma door closer spare parts in case something has gone wrong, maybe a piece has broken or is causing interference with the door closer mechanism we can help fix those problems. We have Dorma fire door closers in the event you have a fire exit door that needs one.

Decades of experience have gone into the development of the Dorma TS 83 door closer. The result is user convenience coupled with outstanding versatility. It can be adjusted to suit almost all types of doors. The Dorma TS 83 can even be supplied with additional anti-corrosion protection for exposed applications or aggressive conditions.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

  • The perfect solution for almost any application
  • Door widths up to 1400 mm / 1600 mm
  • Timeless design
  • Easy installation
  • Wide range of optional accessories


The Dorma TS 73 V complete with thinking backcheck and delayed closing as standard, is a universal solution for doors of differing designs and styles. Decades of experience have gone into the development of the Dorma TS 73 V door closer. The result is user convenience from a tried and trusted product. 

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

  • One model for all applications
  • Door widths up to 1100 mm
  • For single and double-leaf doors
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Wide range of optional accessories


  • The Dorma TS 68 was developed as a low cost door closer solution with a uniquely styled body appearance. Its nicely curved face sets it apart from other closers in the low cost segment. 

    • One model for all standard doors
    • Door widths up to 1100 mm
    • Minimal closer body projection
    • Selectable closing force
    • Outstanding value for money


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