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The majority of sliding door locks that are supplied by door manufacturers are sometimes not to a very high-security standard. Sometimes the locks can fail so you will need to call a specialist to carry out a sliding door lock repair or you can try to carry out the repair or replacement by yourself.

Sliding Door with Lockwood Locking Mechanism

At Fleet Locksmiths, we can survey your sliding door and advise on a secure method for each specific application, from replacing the existing lock to installing additional patio bolts in case you’re wondering how to lock a sliding glass door.

We provide the best security locks for sliding glass doors with some of the brands we use like Onyx & Lockwood.

Fleet Locksmiths can also service and repair any sliding doors in need of adjustment.

At Fleet Locksmiths, we provide a range of services and locks for sliding doors including:

  • Lockwood Sliding Door Locks
  • Sliding Glass Door Locks
  • Patio Sliding Door Locks
  • Cavity Sliding Door Locks
  • Aluminum
  • Whitco
  • Timber
  • Exterior Locks
  • Door Bolt Barrel Slide
  • Sliding Closet Locks
  • Bar Locks
  • Pin Locks
  • Sliding Bathroom Door
  • Double Door Locks
  • Mechanism Replacement
  • Repair Damaged Sliding Door Locks
  • Change Lock on a Sliding Glass Door
  • Sliding Door Lock Jammed
onyx sliding door lock
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680 patio bolt

The Lockwood Onyx range incorporates advanced security and safety features making this product the ideal choice for sliding patio door applications.

Style and Function
This range takes design cues from contemporary architectural styling and complements several of Lockwood’s most popular levers to provide a harmonious look and feel throughout the home. The functionality of the Onyx range has been enhanced by the intuitive operation of the unique sliding snib and the innovative LockAlert feature that indicates the lock status at a glance.

Surface mounted lockset suitable for use with most aluminium and timber sliding doors. The flexible chassis coupled with innovative design features results in a non-handed product that is extremely easy to install and suitable for new and most retrofit applications.

Features of the Onyx Sliding Patio Door Lock

  • Twin locking beaks for added security
  • Door Close Detect button (DCD) anti slam feature protects locking beaks from accidental damage
  • LockAlert® indicator shows lockset status at a glance
  • DualSelect® enables two stage key locking
  • Safety Release™ function minimises the risk of being locked in
  • Ergonomic sliding snib with intuitive downward motion to unlock

Strength and Durability
Made to the highest quality levels, the Onyx range satisfies the Australian Standard requirements for strength and durability.

Product Range
A wide selection of furniture options are available in the Onyx range to suit various sliding door applications. The range includes internal D handles and slim pulls and a variety of external furniture and strike options.

Lockwood’s sliding door lock range is possibly the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing lock for a cavity sliding door in Australia. Combining elegance and ease of use, the Cavity Sliding Door Lock is ideal for any home décor and security solution.

Not only will the internal bathroom or lounge room sliding door have a contemporary look, but the interconnecting door from the garage to the laundry can be fitted with a key lockable entrance-set for security.

Key Features of the Cavity Sliding Door Lock Range

  • Designed in Australia for specific Australian market conditions
  • Easily fitted into a standard 54mm door preparation with a 60mm backset
  • Fitted flush against the panel of the sliding door for full recess into the door cavity
  • Entrance, Privacy, Passage and Passage Latch functions available for the residential solution

Key lockable solution

  • Key locking and turn function protects the secondary external application for an interconnecting sliding cavity door
  • Australian standards compliance AS4145.2-2008: Tested to exceed 30,000 turn cycles withstanding 3 kN of pull force

Retractable door pull

  • Designed after extensive research, the sliding cavity door lock features an innovative retractable door pull which combines style with functionality.

Entrance, Privacy and Passage functions available for the complete residential solution

  • The Lockwood 680 Patio Bolt is a strong, heavy-duty, surface mounted product designed to improve security in a range of residential sliding and hinge door applications.

    It is easy to install and has been designed to suit a wide range of aluminium and timber sliding patio and hinge door applications.

    It is offered in gold, chrome plate, satin chrome pearl and a range of powdercoat finishes.

    Features of the 680 Patio Bolt

    • Easy to install
    • High purity high pressure zinc alloy case
    • Steel, zinc plated bolt
    • Concealed fixing by conventional cross recess head screws
    • Solid brass 5 pin cylinder
    • Can be keyed alike, master keyed, grand master keyed, maison keyed or construction keyed in Lockwood C4 5 and 6 pin, Generation Six and Twin keying systems
    • Exceeds Australian Standard 4145.2-2008, Mechanical Locksets for Doors and Windows in Buildings, to Level SL6. Exceeds Australian Standard 4145.2-2008, Mechanical Locksets for Doors and Windows in Buildings, with standard length bolt, to Level SL4 – with extended length bolt accessory.

For information on a Sliding Door Locks installation cost or fitting of door locks in general contact Fleet Locksmiths and we will be happy to assist you.

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