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Locked Out? Useful Advice From Fleet Locksmiths

Getting locked out of your home or business is an unfortunate inconvenience that can happen to anyone. However, there are several steps you can take before calling a professional locksmith. Here’s what you can do:

  • Contact Your Neighbor.
    If you’ve given a spare key to your neighbour, now is the time to give them a call. You can also ask to stay at their place while you wait for assistance.
  • Make Contact with a Relative or a Friend.
    If you have given a spare key to a family member or friend, you can contact them for help. They might be able to assist you in getting access to your property.
  • Look for any Open Doors or Windows.
    If you’re locked out, check if any doors or windows are open that you may have forgotten to lock. However, if there’s no entryway available, don’t try to force your way in as it may cause damage.
  • Make a Call to your Property Manager.
    If you’re renting your property, your property manager may have spare keys to help you gain access. However, if it’s outside of office hours, you may need to call a locksmith at your own expense.
  • Contact Fleet Locksmiths.
    If all else fails, contact Fleet Locksmiths, your local 24/7 emergency locksmith in the Melbourne area. Our experienced technicians are fully licensed and insured to provide a wide range of locksmith services, including gaining entry to your property. We operate round the clock, so you can trust us to be there when you need us.

Preparing for Future Emergencies

To prevent future lockouts, here are some things you can do:

  1. Make a duplicate key and give it to a close friend or neighbour.
  2. Consider installing a key safe, which uses a code to access the spare key.
  3. Switch to a digital lock that doesn’t require a physical key.

Fleet Locksmiths

At Fleet Locksmiths, we offer a range of locksmith services to help you with all of your home and business security needs. Our mobile locksmith service covers all of Fleet and the surrounding areas, and our technicians are fully trained, experienced and equipped to handle any locksmith emergency. Contact us today at 0405 544 922 for professional and reliable locksmith services.

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