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How Much Do Key Cutting Prices Range?

If you need to have a key cut, you might be wondering about the cost. Key cutting costs can vary depending on the type of key you need to cut, and it’s important to know the different types of keys to understanding how much you can expect to pay.

Types of Keys:

There are three main types of keys: house keys, specialty keys, and car keys.

  1. House Keys
    Standard house keys are generally the most basic keys that you’ll want to have cut. If you have the original key and not a duplicate, you can have a replacement cut almost anywhere, including your local hardware store.

    However, it’s important to note that the key cutting cost for house keys can range from $4 to $20, depending on the type of key. This range includes basic keys, mortice keys, and cylinder keys.
  2. Specialty Keys
    Specialty keys are more complex and require more specialised knowledge and tools to cut. There are various types of specialty keys, including restricted and master-key systems, flat steel keys, letterbox keys, filing cabinet keys, safe keys, Abloy keys, Gem keys, mortice keys, and power industry keys. These types of keys usually cost more than standard house keys because they require a higher level of expertise to cut. To ensure the highest level of precision and quality, it’s best to get specialty keys cut by a professional locksmith.
  3. Car Keys/Automotive Keys
    Car keys and automotive keys are the most complex type of keys, and they often require programming to work seamlessly with your vehicle. Getting a car key cut by a reputable locksmith is generally cheaper than getting it done at a car dealership. However, the cost of cutting a car key varies widely depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Local Hardware vs Professional Locksmith:

While local hardware stores can cut most standard house keys, it’s not always the best option. Hardware stores may not have the exact blank required for your key, and the quality of the key cut may not be as precise as that of a professional locksmith. Additionally, hardware store employees may not have the expertise needed to cut complex keys properly.

When it comes to getting a replacement or duplicate keys cut, it’s essential to engage a professional locksmith. Professional locksmiths have the knowledge and tools necessary to cut all types of keys with the highest level of precision and quality. They also provide a guarantee for their work, which ensures that your new key matches your lock perfectly and is of the highest quality.

In summary, the cost of key cutting varies depending on the type of key and the complexity of the key. For standard house keys, the cost can range from $4 to $20. Specialty keys and automotive keys are usually more expensive and require a professional locksmith to cut them. When looking to get a key cut, it’s best to choose a professional locksmith for the best quality and precision.

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