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How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

Locksmith services are often needed in stressful, emergency situations like being locked out of your home or car. Knowing typical locksmith costs in Australia can help you budget and prepare rather than being surprised by expensive emergency fees. 

This article will break down the average rates for common services like home or car lockouts, new lock installation, and key cutting. Getting an understanding of these typical prices in advance allows you to plan your budget wisely.

Typical Rates for Locksmith Services

For home lockouts, expect to pay an hourly rate of $165 to $198, especially during after-hours emergencies

The locksmith will first attempt to pick the lock if possible, before drilling out the lock or fully replacing it if picking is unsuccessful. Total fees for a home lockout often range from $200-$350, depending on time and complexity. 

Car lockout service fees are from $165-$275 + the call out fee which starts from $88 depending on the area you need the service.

On the other hand, installing new locks for your home or business often comes with an hourly or per-lock rate. Typical costs range from $150-$250 per lock for standard deadbolts or doorknobs. More complex commercial installations or safes cost more.

Simple key cutting at a locksmith starts at around $10-$20 per key but high-security keys with transponders or chips can cost $100 to $200 without a remote. Again, it’s best to contact us for an exact quote. 

Other common locksmith services like rekeying, lock repairs, or making duplicate keys have hourly rates of $80-$150 per hour. Rates vary by location and locksmith experience.

Factors Affecting Cost

Location plays a major role in how much a locksmith costs. In metro areas like Sydney and Melbourne, rates are typically 20-50% higher than in regional towns. Experience also matters – master locksmiths with lots of training can charge up to twice as much as apprentices or new professionals. 

The time and complexity of the job is another cost factor. Jobs taking longer or involving rekeying multiple locks or cutting many keys have higher total service fees. For car lockouts, the make and model of the vehicle impact cost, for example, with luxury cars costing $50-$100 more on average.

Finally, emergency or after-hours service calls are the most expensive. Late-night, weekend, and holiday calls often have minimum fees, surcharges of $50-$100 or more, and higher hourly rates.

Remember, every locksmith is different, so we highly recommend calling our team to get a tailored quote and reliable advice.

Insurance Coverage For Locksmith Services

Many homeowners and renters insurance policies include coverage for locksmith services, particularly in cases of theft or damage. However, coverage details can vary significantly between policies. Generally, if your home is broken into or vandalised, resulting in damaged locks, your insurance policy may cover the cost of locksmith services to repair or replace the locks. It’s important to review your policy or contact your insurer for specifics, as some policies require a police report for such incidents. Additionally, roadside assistance plans and some car insurance policies often cover car lockout services, which can be a relief during stressful situations like losing your car keys.

For businesses, commercial insurance policies often cover locksmith services, especially if they are needed due to break-ins, burglary attempts, or other security breaches. These policies may also cover the cost of upgrading locks after a security incident. However, routine locksmith services like rekeying or lock maintenance may not be included. Always check with your insurance provider to understand the extent of coverage and any deductibles that may apply. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to invest in additional coverage or a separate policy for comprehensive locksmith service coverage, ensuring peace of mind and financial protection in emergencies.

Final Note

While prices can vary between companies, most basic services like residential lockouts or cutting keys cost $100-$300 during regular business hours in Australia. 

Knowing the average rates for your area can help you budget wisely, rather than being caught off guard by emergency fees. With some research, you can find an affordable, qualified locksmith for any lock and key needs.

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